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08/23/2017: Enrollment Update; MLS Session 1 Full

Good afternoon from MTDA in Missoula!

An update: MLS Session 1 is full.  This means we are unable to take additional enrollments under any circumstances.  If you have enrollments that you would otherwise have made in session 1, we ask that you contact support,, so that we may note the need as we build a case for increased funding at the next legislative session.

We don’t have a means of keeping a wait list, however, any drops we get for any course will be processed at 9:59 am each week day.  That will release any open slot.

Session 2 is filling quickly, but, slots are currently available in all four languages, including Spanish (13), Mandarin (13), German (17), and French (5).

8/21/17: MLS Enrollment Open

Attention MTDA site facilitators: Middle school Multi-Language Sampler enrollment is open as of 8:00 am this morning.  Both fall sessions are enrollable as of today.  Enrollments are firmly limited to 125 enrollments per session, first come, first served.

Please review the Fall 2017 MLS information briefing information linked on the left-hand side of this page!

8/17/2017: Welcome back email sent out

Hello from MTDA offices in Missoula!

On August 17, MTDA released its first announcement email of our Fall 2017 semester.  If you did not receive the email, you can see the text of the email here: link.

If believe that you should be receiving emails, please check your spam filter and be sure to mark any MTDA announcement email as legitimate or “Not Spam.”  If you are not signed up for the announcement list or if you have unsubscribed and wish to be contacted with announcement information, please fill out the form here: link.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact MTDA via the support desk, support (at)


MTDA Offices Closed for Independence Day

Attention all users: Per our academic calendar, MTDA offices are closed from July 1 to July 4 for Independence Day.  During that time, teachers will be delayed in returning emails and the office staff will not be available.

MTDA staff will lightly monitor the MTDA helpdesk, however, users should expect to receive answers on July 5th, when offices reopen.

Online classrooms will remain open during the entire break.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Independence Day weekend!


Attention all users:

Montana Digital Academy’s offices will be closed from 5:00 pm, Friday, May 26, 2017, until 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 29, 2017, at 8 am.  During that time, there will be no teacher services or help desk services available.

Please send any questions to the support desk,  Questions and concerns will be answered when the offices open on Tuesday.

Summer “Contingency” Designation Lifted; Enrollment Open as Announced

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Governor Bullock signed House Bill 2, effectively locking in our budget for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 program years.

As previously announced, the final budget provides MTDA with the same level of funding that we received for the 2015-17 biennium. This is $660,000 short of our funding request which was designed to continue to allow for growth in student enrollments.

For Summer 2017, we will run the original credit and credit recovery programs as announced on our program briefing pages, located here: original credit and credit recovery.  Please review these pages carefully, including the request for summer credit recovery programs to fill out site survey so we may plan our summer staffing.

As part of our resource management plan, we request that schools be mindful and deliberate when enrolling students and take the likelihood of student success into account before registration.

As always, we expect schools to work through the entrance counseling form with students before enrollment in the original credit program.  We have experience that students that do not receive the relevant information in the entrance counseling form do not understand the time-intensive summer format, ultimately diminishing the chances of student success.

MTDA staff is currently working on a rollout of Fall 2017 information related to program availability, enrollment request deadlines, and any changes based on our available resources.

4/12/2017: Summer 2017 Original Credit and Credit Recovery Enrollment Open

Good morning from the MTDA offices in Missoula.

Enrollment for the Summer 2017 High School Original Credit and High School Credit Recovery programs are open as of 8 am this morning.

If you haven’t already done so, please read our announcement related to funding/availability, and also review the briefing pages (see the left-hand side of this page) for details.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff in Missoula, support (at) or 406-2013-1812.

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