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Schools can license content and learning platforms for content that serves purposes beyond the scope of the classroom to target individual needs in a student’s educational pathway.

Short courses typically do not have teacher services and are managed by the local school and its support staff.

Example Usage

  • A school implements educational responses to community concerns about vaping by purchasing licensing to a “Vaping Awareness” short course through the Clearinghouse as an alternative to traditional discipline.
  • A school purchases access to Automotive Certification practice materials to assist with preparation for the ASE Automatic Transmission/Transaxle certification test.

Cost Information for Schools

  • During the 2024-2025 school year, Digital Content & Platforms (DCP), Enrichment and Vaping Prevention courses will be provided at no cost to schools.
  • Third-party courses, CTE, or supplemental content will be provided at a  2024-25 pilot-year discount of $50.00 per student enrollment towards any course or supplemental content.
  • Clearinghouse 2025-2026-MTDA is actively working on a cost-sharing formula to provide schools for their planning purposes.

Current Offerings

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