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High School FlexCAP

What is FlexCAP?

MTDA’s Flexible Credit Alternative Program (FlexCAP) is a proficiency-based semester course program that offers students and schools a flexible, asynchronous, online course option that is built to Montana state standards. Each core curriculum course is taught by a Montana-certified instructor who is actively teaching in a Montana public school.

The Flexibility of FlexCAP

As an open enrollment program, MTDA FlexCAP allows students to enter the program at any time throughout the year. Following best practices of alternative education programs in and out of Montana, all courses are broken down into manageable quarter parts. MTDA has found this pacing significantly increases student completion and successful progress through the course curriculum.


The Fall semester of English I A is delivered as English I A Part 1 and English I A Part 2. A student is enrolled in one part at a time and must complete both parts for a recommendation of semester credit.

Balancing flexibility and accountability is central to the MTDA FlexCAP program. With this in mind, students will have 11 weeks from enrollment to complete the quarter course. If students need more time to complete, the school can purchase an additional 11 weeks and the student can continue where they left off in the course.

How can FlexCAP fit into your school?

MTDA FlexCAP courses have been implemented in a variety of ways in districts across Montana:

Great fit for districts that need school-based flexible scheduling

FlexCAP open enrollment allows students to start and finish each course on a timeline that works for them as a learner. Additionally, students are provided opportunities throughout every course to demonstrate proficiency in the course material. This allows students to focus on new learning, not simply rehashing material that has already been mastered.

Infographic on the FlexCAP
Student Profile:
Our linear course design provides a clear pathway for students to earn credit.
This program is designed to be delivered solely at in-person school. Regular attendance at school is required.
Scheduled time during the day
At least one class period per day should be scheduled for a student enrolled in a FlexCAP course. If more than one course is needed, additional time should be built into the students schedule.

Flexible course alternative for a student who previously failed

FlexCAP courses are built to Montana standards with a proficiency-based assessment philosophy throughout. Students need to show mastery of the concepts presented before moving on to new material in the course. This model has proven to be an award-winning formula for students who have previously failed the course. 

Base program for local transformational learning programs

The FlexCAP model allows schools to build additional Transformational Learning opportunities on top of the FlexCAP courses. Since FlexCAP courses provide a Montana teacher of record for each subject area, schools are free to create additional programs with the local staffing that is available. FlexCAP courses are available to all students who are looking for a proficiency-based approach to learning — one tied to mastery, not seat time.

Requirements in the FlexCAP format

The FlexCAP program is a local school-based program that requires school personnel to proctor all student assessments. 

Additional highlights include:

  • A local school-based program that requires school personnel to proctor all student assessments.
  • Students are provided 11 weeks to complete one quarter part course.
  • Students who do not complete the course in 11 weeks can be re-enrolled and pick up right where they left off. (additional cost-share applies; see cost-share details.) Open to all students to enroll anytime throughout the school year.

Course Titles

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“I am very thankful for this program because it helped me catch up and for that, I am able to graduate on time. ” -Government A FlexCAP Student

“I am glad that this system is available to help students recover their credits. I am amazed at the ease of use for it too. ” -English 3A FlexCAP Student

“I just want to say thank you for giving us this option to get caught up. It has tremendously helped me with my education and without this program I would not be graduating with my class next year.” – English 4B FlexCAP Student