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12/2/2020: Open Enrollment Pending

Good afternoon from MTDA offices in Missoula!

MTDA enrollment is open; however, there are certain instances in GeniusSIS where a student is limited from enrolling without cause.  We are working on resolving the issue.

In the meantime, please review our released briefing documents regarding the Spring 2021 program.

11/23/2020: Spring 2021 Enrollment Announcements Coming Next Week

Good day from MTDA offices at the University of Montana in Missoula.

MTDA continues to work on Spring 2021 planning finances and logistics and is preparing to open enrollment on or before Wednesday, December 2, 2020.  We will send out an email over our site facilitator announcement list when ready.

We do ask any school that plans to utilize MTDA’s program in a different manner (more enrollments, less enrollments, change in local enrollment philosophy) than Fall 2020 to drop a quick like to the support desk (support [at] montanadigitalacademy.org) and let us know.  If need be, we would appreciate the ability to connect on a brief conference or consultation call.

In the meantime, if you have questions, please reach out to us via the support desk!

06/30/2020: MTDA Independence Day Schedule


Hello from MTDA central offices in Missoula!

Per our academic calendars, MTDA academic programs will be closed on Friday, July 3, 2020, and Monday, July 6, 2020, for the Independence Day weekend.

For our original credit programs, this means that teachers might not be reachable via email or other means.  Online classrooms will remain open.

For our credit recovery programs, there will be no live grading service either Friday, July 3, or Monday, July 6.

Our help desk services will be lightly monitored for emergencies throughout the weekend, and our office staff will be available for service on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Have a great Independence Day weekend!

01/21/2020: Enrollment is Open Through 1/24

The Spring 2020 High School Original Credit initial course request deadline has passed and we have sectioned off courses and assigned teachers. Enrollment remains open for Spring 2020 with remaining course capacity. The majority of our courses have additional capacity for enrollment. You can see an always-updated list of available courses by clicking on our live course availability list: here.

For the handful of courses that have hit capacity, that course will no longer appear for enrollment in GeniusSIS. We don’t have a means of keeping a waitlist, however, we will process any drop we receive at 9:59 am each weekday so that you can check for open slots at 10:00 am each morning, first come, first served.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you have any questions!

Enrollment will remain open for high school original credit classes until Friday, January 24, 2020, with the exception of classes that fill. At this point, we have room in the vast majority of courses, however, we strongly advise that you enroll before classes start on Tuesday, if possible, for the best likelihood of a good student outcome.

10/16/2019: MTDA Closed Thursday-Friday!

Hello from MTDA offices in Missoula!

Per our academic calendars, MTDA will be closed October 17-18, 2019, for the statewide professional development and teacher conference week.  Closed means that:

  • The MTDA offices in Missoula are closed until 8 am, Monday, October 21, 2019.
  • The MTDA support desk will be lightly monitored for emergencies.  Helpdesk services will be fully active again at 8 am, Monday, October 21, 2019.
  • Teachers are not expected to answer emails during the break. However, some/many will likely track email.
  • Grading services for credit recovery will not be available.
  • The online classrooms will remain open, 24/7.

Thank you!

MTDA Offices Closed for Independence Day

Attention all users: Per our academic calendar, MTDA offices are closed from July 4 to July 7 for Independence Day.  During that time, teachers will be delayed in returning emails and the office staff will not be available.

MTDA staff will lightly monitor the MTDA helpdesk, however, users should expect to receive answers on July 8th, when offices reopen.

Online classrooms will remain open during the entire break.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

05/24/2019: MTDA Closed for Memorial Day Weekend

Attention all users:

Montana Digital Academy’s offices will be closed from 5:00 pm, Friday, May 24, 2018, until 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 28, 2017.  During that time, there will be no teacher services or help desk services available.

Please send any questions to the support desk, support@montanadigitalacademy.org.  Questions and concerns will be answered when the offices open on Tuesday.

Montana Digital Academy
Phyllis J. Washington College of Education
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive – Room 315
Missoula, Montana 59812
Phone: 406-203-1812
Fax: 406-203-1815

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