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Montana Digital Academy is extremely proud of its outstanding students, teachers, administration, and board members. This page is dedicated to sharing all the well-deserved recognition of the community that make this program thrive.

Student Spotlight: Martin Fulbright of Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School
Martin Fulbright Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School, Class of 2024 Martin Fulbright and his fellow students at CJI Public Schools live in and around the three small, Hi-Line communities of Chester, Joplin, and Inverness. It is the kind of place where everyone knows one another. Martin’s MTDA Facilitator, Barb Vinson, notes that Martin’s family lives behind her,
Student Spotlight: Karly Alder of Charlo High School
Karly Alder Charlo High School, Class of 2024 Karly’s introduction to MTDA was with Middle School French. This was several years ago, in 2017, before COVID-19, so the online learning environment was entirely new to her. However, she quickly learned the benefits of having the MTDA option. She continued with language classes through MTDA in
Student Spotlight: Jacob Lien of Wolf Point High School
Jacob Lien Wolf Point High School, Class of 2024 Jacob Lien started studying Spanish in his first year at Wolf Point High School. When that teacher left the district, his counselor, Erin Loendorf, suggested MTDA as a way to continue with Spanish. He discovered that he liked learning in the online environment. “I like working
Ava Arrowsmith of Laurel High School
Ava Arrowsmith Laurel High School, Class of 2023 Ava Arrowsmith discovered MTDA as a freshman at Laurel High School, when the Spanish class she wanted to take didn’t fit into the rest of her schedule. She was able to take it online through MTDA and discovered she liked it. “I like working on my own
Sienna Conaghan of West Yellowstone High School
West Yellowstone High School Class of 2023   Sienna was first introduced to MTDA when she took the Language Sampler class in middle school, a requirement at West Yellowstone– a small district with under 300 students– when they were down a language teacher. She found she liked the self-paced nature of online learning, which actually
Bryce Kammerzell of CJI High School
Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School (CJI) Class of 2022 Attending Stanford University   By his sophomore year at CJI, Bryce Kammerzell knew he was going to have to take language courses that his small school didn’t offer if he was going to apply to out-of-state schools for college. He signed up for Spanish I through MTDA that
Ian Lafley of Lincoln County High School
Lincoln County High School, Eureka Class of 2022    Ian took his first two credit recovery courses through MTDA two years ago as a sophomore. MTDA’s credit recovery courses are designed for students whose education has been interrupted, either by life’s circumstances or by failing a course, providing a pathway to high school credits needed
Maddie Griffiths of Three Forks High School
As an eighth-grader, Maddie came to Kristy Powell, the counselor at Three Forks High School and asked how she could get ahead. “She wanted to get started!” Maddie wanted to know if there was anything she could do over the summer before ninth grade. They wouldn’t typically place a freshman in MTDA courses, but Maddie’s
Emma Beebe of Gallatin High School
Emma came to Gallatin High School in the fall of 2020 when her family moved from out of state. During Covid, she chose the fully virtual option taught by GHS teachers because of family risk. She was no stranger to online learning; prior to Gallatin, she attended JeffCo Virtual Academy in Colorado. “Being in our
Nina Sederberg of Roberts High School
Nina took her first MTDA course freshman year of high school. She wanted to do more academically, but the traditional class setting didn’t fully work for her.  At a small school like Roberts, the administrators and staff have the luxury of knowing their students well, and they knew Nina to be a student who was
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