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Access to MTDA learning platforms and a choice of digital content through MTDA portals.

Example Usage

  • A school runs an online Geometry class for 8th-grade students with a district high school teacher using MTDA platforms and their choice of content, eliminating the need to transport those students to the high school building.  This district could also offer seats to other school districts, building additional capacity for technology-driven learning across the state.
  • A small school hires a new 7-12 science teacher who doesn’t have experience teaching Chemistry.  The school uses MTDA platforms and a choice of content as a flexible “blended learning” environment to provide a turnkey Chemistry curriculum to increase teacher effectiveness.

Cost Information for Schools:

  • During the 2024-2025 school year, Digital Content & Platforms (DCP), Enrichment and Vaping Prevention courses will be provided at no cost to schools.
  • Third-party courses, CTE, or supplemental content will be provided at a  2024-25 pilot-year discount of $50.00 per student enrollment towards any course or supplemental content.
  • Clearinghouse 2025-2026-MTDA is actively working on a cost-sharing formula to provide schools for their planning purposes.

Current Offerings

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