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Attention Summer 2016 Credit Recovery Students

MTDA will be transitioning our teacher accounts from the spring teacher group to our summer teacher group this afternoon.  This process will require adapting each credit recovery classroom in anticipation of the official start of our summer program on Monday morning.  To ensure that we don’t miss any assignment notifications, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MASTERY ASSIGNMENTS from 2pm Friday, June 10, to 8am on Monday, June 13.  You may still work on completion assignments, take any assessment available to you and work on notes and study guides.

MTDA Closed for Memorial Day

Montana Digital Academy’s offices will be closed from 4:30pm, Friday, May 27, 2016 until 8am on Tuesday, May 30, 2016 at 8am.  During that time, there will be no teacher services or help desk services available.

Please send any questions to the support desk,  Questions and concerns will be answered when the offices open on Tuesday.

Credit Recovery Announcement: End of Spring 2016 Semester Information

Attention credit recovery site facilitators, local support, counselors and administrators:

Spring 2016
End of Semester Instructions for Schools
High School Credit Recovery

Updated Monday, 23 May 2016

About This Page

Thank you for your hard work and flexibility this spring as we continue to build our credit recovery program. Your feedback and comments have been critical. We are planning a number of new enhancements, big and small, for this our program, both this summer and fall. Keep it coming! This document explains our end-of-semester procedure, which will be different from past semesters due to the format.

What Constitutes Complete?

As has always been the case in MTDA’s credit recovery program, complete means that ALL required lesson quizzes (80% mastery), module post assessments (65% mastery), the final exam (65% mastery) and mastery assignments (65%) have been completed to the mastery level.

The end-of-semester should be less dramatic than past years since assignment and assessment completion is tied to moving on in any particular course.

Completing all assignments is required for a recommendation of credit in the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Student that do not complete a semester DO NOT carry over progress from semester-to-semester. This has been the case at MTDA since Fall 2013 and continues even with the reboot of the program.
End of Semester

The end of fall semester is Friday, May 27, 2016 at 5:00pm. We will announce this day via the website on Wednesday, May 25th to students to let them know of the pending deadline.

AGAIN THIS SEMESTER: Based on site feedback, we have built into the program a new flexible course ending protocol, acknowledging common themes typical to the credit recovery environment. FOR ALL STUDENTS, we will grant an automatic extension until Friday, June 10, 2016, no request is required, no questions asked.

After June 10th, MTDA’s academic coach staff will evaluate all remaining students and put in drop requests for those that have not completed courses.

If you have students who you know now that they will NOT complete their course (moved out of your school, have transferred to another program, etc.), please put a drop request into GeniusSIS with the most appropriate reason:

  • Back to homeschool
  • Course is too hard
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Student Did Not Meet Requirements at End of Semester
  • Student does not have enough technology access
  • Student has a doctor-verified medical withdrawal
  • Student has dropped out of school
  • Student has transferred to a non-MTDA school
  • Student is no longer enrolled at the local public school
  • Student is not making acceptable progress in the course
  • Student was enrolled in error
  • Teacher is not helpful

The June 10th deadline is absolute. No additional extension is available after that date, nor is progress transferrable from semester to semester. Please note, however, that students are still able to take module pre-assessments that could qualify them to be exempt from units that they previously completed during the fall.

Summer 2016

If you plan to run a credit recovery program in your building this summer and haven’t reviewed our summer briefing, this is your opportunity to do so!  Click here.

Feedback? Questions? Complaints? Complements?

…we welcome it all! Please put in a support ticket, or give Jason Neiffer, MTDA’s Assistant Director/Curriculum Director, a call (406-203-1812). WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

High School Credit Recovery: Transition from Spring to Summer

Attention all CR site facilitators and local support personnel: MTDA has transitioned the open credit recovery enrollment from Spring 2016 to Summer 2016.  From now on, any student you enroll will be considered a summer enrollment.

If you are enrolling a student that needs access to credit recovery just this spring and the student does not complete the requirements, please be sure to put in drop request before you leave for summer to make sure that our teacher staff isn’t attempting to engage a student that has no intention to complete the course or program.

If you have any questions about the summer credit recovery program, please see our summer briefing page!  Please direct additional questions to our support team.

Some MTDA Content Sites Down

Update: All issues have been resolved!  If you are still experiencing issues as below, please put in a support ticket ASAP!

Attention all students: MTDA is experiencing an issue with content from one of our content providers.  At this time, some/most of our content hosted with FLVS Global is throwing up an error message:


Generally speaking, impacted content will have green puzzle pieces as icons:


We have an emergency ticket in with the vendor and will update you as we hear word.
Please send any questions or concerns to the help desk.  WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

Attention Graduating Seniors in High School Original Credit Courses: Senior Exit Information

Attention seniors graduating this spring:  If you are graduating before May 18th, you will need to work out an exit plan with your MTDA teacher to ensure you have completed all course requirements before you are done for the semester.  Please contact your MTDA instructor NO LATER THAN April 22, 2016 to work out an appropriate exit plan.  This is your responsibility, so please take action right away!  Review more information on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact your teacher or the MTDA support desk.

New Credit Recovery Data Report Available

Spreadsheet Graphic

Based on feedback from facilitators since the fall start of our rebooted credit recovery program, the MTDA staff has been busy in the MTDA labs creating a report that can help facilitators determine whether or not a student is on pace to complete the course by the end of the semester.

Like any data of this nature, it does require some interpretation and may or may not reflect the reality of a specific student’s situation, but, based on early feedback from a few test schools, it appears to be a useful tool for facilitator or local support personnel!

Due to the sophistication of the processes that generate the report, it is NOT available in GeniusSIS, but, rather, in an Excel document directly from MTDA staff.

If you are interested in taking a look at a report for your program, please contact the support desk and we can share with you a current copy, along with an interpretive guide.

If the report is useful, you can either sign up to have the report email to you weekly, OR you can simply request a copy on demand from support.

Let us know if you have any questions!