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The Montana Digital Academy staff has carefully monitored the evolution of generative artificial intelligence tools (often called AI or GAI) like ChatGPT, Claude, Google Gemini, and Microsoft Co-Pilot.  We encourage all educators to take a thoughtful approach to these toolsets and hope to share ideas with educators in and out of Montana.

Our team takes an “AI centrist” approach, attempting to carefully adopt toolsets and adapt instruction while recognizing that these tools are largely untested and could carry downfalls or risks.  MTDA offers several opportunities and resources for students, teachers, and administrators to follow and adapt to the AI-driven world.

GAI Information for Educators

Cover of MTDA AI Guide for SchoolsPlanning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts

Now available!  MTDA is pleased to release “Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts,” a guide developed in collaboration with our friends and colleagues at Michigan’s state virtual school, Michigan Virtual.  This comprehensive guide, designed to assist Montana schools in integrating generative artificial intelligence technologies into their teaching, learning, and operational frameworks, serves as a valuable resource for educators, administrators, students, and parents.

It covers key areas such as leadership, policy considerations, professional development, and community outreach, offering practical insights and strategies for the responsible use of AI in education.

MTDA is proud to join the Montana Federation of Public Employees, Montana School Board Association, Montana Rural Education Association, School Administrators of Montana, and other stakeholders to promote responsible AI integration across Montana schools.

Click the cover to the right to download the document.

AI Education Labs

MTDA staff hosts twice-monthly “drop-in” meetings for educators at all levels, in and out of Montana, for conversation and sharing about artificial intelligence in education.  You can sign up for notifications of upcoming meetings by filling out this form.

Let’s Collaborate!

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact our staff at to connect!

G.A.I. Opportunities for Students

Artificial Intelligence in the World

MTDA offers Artificial Intelligence In The World” as an original credit course for high school-aged students in Montana.  It is offered in the fall and spring terms.  If you are interested in the course, please talk to your school counselor or local MTDA site facilitator.

MTDA’s AI Workgroup

Our AI workgroup includes

  • Jason Neiffer, Executive Director
  • Mike Agostinelli, Assistant Director/Curriculum Director
  • Caitlin Byers, Student Support and Content Specialist
  • Susan Quinn, Retired Montana School Administrator
  • Ally Riggs, Assistant Program Manager