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High School Original Credit

MTDA Original Credit and Advanced Placement® courses are delivered via the web, which allows students to access them anytime throughout the day. All courses are taught by qualified Montana-licensed instructors. All courses are aligned to state educational standards, including Indian Education for All.

MTDA teachers provide the final course grade percentage and the schools then grants credit on their transcript. As a supplemental public school program, all enrollments in MTDA Original Credit courses must come through the local public school.  MTDA Original Credit courses are cohort-based. In this setting, students move through the course material with their peers over the 18-week semester.

MTDA maintains its own calendar and it might vary slightly from your local calendar. View the current MTDA calendars at this LINK. Students receive their assignments and submit their homework online. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MTDA can help reduce or eliminate the scheduling conflicts that many students experience, allowing them to build an educational experience that is right for them.

Make sure to review the successful student profile on the right as it is a good conversation starter to help decide if this format is right for you. Additionally, we have created an online readiness matrix to help determine how ready a student is for an online course. The matrix contains a series of questions for the student to consider before making the decision to enroll. View the online readiness matrix at this LINK.

Original Credit Courses

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“I have become a much better writer due to this course. I am VERY pleased with the outcome!” -Creative Writing Student

I loved this class, it showed me what it could be like being a veterinarian. It also helped me realize that I would want to be a vet at some point in my life. ” – Veterinary Science Student

“I just truly enjoyed this course since it was well paced, informative and organized. I’m actually in the process of planning a career in psychology with the hopes of gaining my doctorate, so this course really added to my repertoire of knowledge.” – Psychology Student