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High School Original Credit Drop Deadline

Attention Spring 2015 high school original credit students:

We are now in beginning of our fourth week of the Spring 2015 semester and I have a quick note for you.
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 is the is the drop deadline for the Spring 2015 program.  We are three weeks into the semester and if you decide the environment is not for you or if your plans or circumstances have changed, we need you to be sure to get your drop request into your school counselor right way.  After the drop deadline,  we will report a WF/F back to your local school for reporting on your report card if you stop completing assignments or request a drop.  To drop a class, talk to your school counselor or site facilitator.  If you don’t know who to talk to, please contact our support desk and we’ll give you a hand:
If you are having problems with anything, please, let us help you!  We are more than happy to work with you to clear up and confusion and help you be an AWESOME online learner.

Happy Holidays from Montana Digital Academy!

Happy Holidays from Montana Digital Academy!

We’d like to announce our holiday schedule. We will be running a limited schedule from December 20 to January 5. During that time:

  • Teacher services will not be available. You are encouraged to email your teachers with any issues, however, you will likely not receive a response until January 6th.
  • The MTDA offices in Missoula are closed on December 25th and January 1st.  We will observe our normal business hours on other week days, 8am-5pm.
  • Support desk services are available, but may be limited or delayed.  Support tickets should be directed to

From all of our staff at MTDA, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Happy Thanksgiving from Montana Digital Academy!

Montana Digital Academy will be closed at noon on November 26, 2014 through November 30, 2014 in observance of Thanksgiving. While the online classrooms will be open 24/7 during that time, no instructor services will be available. Students or parents with technical issues should contact our help desk,, however, tickets may not be answered until our offices open on Monday, December 1st depending on staff availability. Happy Thanksgiving from all of the faculty and staff of MTDA!

MTDA Offices closed for teacher conventions this week

Montana Digital Academy offices will be closed on October 16th-17th for the statewide educational professional development conferences.

While our digital classrooms will be open 24/7 during that time, teacher emails may go unanswered until Monday.

Our support desk staff will be limited. Those experiencing technical issues should contact the support desk,

High School Original Credit Students: Drop Deadline

A reminder that Tuesday, September 23, 2014 is the final deadline for drops in the Fall 2014 high school original credit program. After Tuesday, students that remain enrolled will be considered committed to the program for the Fall semester. Drop requests received after tomorrow will receive a WF report back to the school for recording on the local transcript.  To drop a course, please see your local high school counselor right away!

Moodle students: things look a little different today!

Good morning from MTDA offices in Missoula!  Moodle students will notice that our classrooms look a little different today.  We have slapped up a coat of virtual paint and made some minor changes, however, the site functions as normal.

If you have any problems, don’t be afraid to put in a support ticket, support (at) and we are more than happy to help!

High School Original Credit Starts Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello high school original credit students,
Hello and welcome to the Fall 2014 original credit program at Montana Digital Academy.  We are thrilled that you are joining us for what we hope is a productive and engaging fall semester.
Usernames and Passwords
At of today, all student usernames and passwords have been emailed to students.  If you do not have your username and password, please contact the MTDA help desk at  If you are a past enrollee at MTDA, a new username will NOT be emailed to you and you should use your existing login and password.  If you don’t remember that login, please contact the help desk.
Program Dates
Our original credit Fall 2014 semester will start today, Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  Classes will be open in the virtual classroom by 8am.  It is important that you get up and started this week as there are assignments and expectations for you in the course.  Students that are not logged in and up to pace by the early weeks of the program risk being dropped from the course.
The last day of the program is Wednesday, January 14, 2015.  No assignments will be accepted after 5pm on that day.
Although the virtual classrooms are open for access and student work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our classes are considered “in session” Monday-Friday, per our academic calendar located at  Please note that MTDA’s calendar may differ from your local school calendar and you are expected to follow the MTDA calendar for this course.
As part of your first day activities, you will sign a course contract that details the expectations of you in this program.  Please read that carefully.
Remember that our online learning format requires an investment of time: we would expect students to take 3-7 hours per course per week to keep pace, so, be sure you are being careful to plan for enough time to be successful in this course!
MTDA has a brief orientation program for students and parents.  You may access our orientation-on-demand program available by clicking here:link.  Included in that video is how and where to login.
Need Help?
Throughout the semester, please don’t be afraid to contact your instructor for help as soon as you run into problems.  Additionally, you may contact the MTDA help desk at for technical support or help contacting an instructor if you are not getting a response.  We want you to be successful in online courses!
Have a GREAT semester!
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