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Remote Only Credit Recovery Student Information

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Changes to the CR format for Remote Only Credit Recovery

We have made the following changes to the learning environment:

  • We have eliminated all of the following:
    • Module Pre-Assessment: You may no longer test out of modules, as we’d like you to complete all modules to prepare for the final exam.  We will honor any pre-assessment you passed to this point, but, otherwise, the pre-assessment exemption process will be eliminated.
    • Lessons Quizzes:  You no longer will need to complete lesson quizzes.  These still appear in the gradebook, but will not be factored into your final grade.
    • Module Post-Assessments:  You no longer will need to complete module post-assessments.  These still appear in the gradebook, but will no longer factor into your final grade.
  • We now require the following:
    • Completion Activities: You must complete ALL completion activities.  We strongly suggest that you slowly and carefully review these materials, along with taking good notes, using guided note pages when provided, or otherwise in a notebook.
    • Mastery Assignments:  You must complete ALL mastery assignments with a score of 65% or better.   You MTDA teacher will grade your assignments within 1 business day as usual. You need to complete all assignments at a 65% to move onto the next module.
    • Final Exam:  You must complete and pass the final exam at a 65% or better to receive a recommendation of credit in the class.  If you receive below a 65%, you will get the opportunity to retake it.
  • We have changed the grade breakdown for the course.  Your course grade itself is now based on mastery assignments (70%) and the final exam (30%).
  • Your final exam will now be “remote proctored.”  MTDA has invested in a virtual proctoring service that will monitor your activity during the exam.  This process requires specific software, a process described below. You must take the final exam alone, without any assistance.  You may not use notes, or any outside resources, including your computer or phone.

Steps We Need You to Take

ACTION ITEM (VERIFY TECHNOLOGY):  MTDA required a laptop and/or desktop to access and make progress in the course.  A smartphone or tablet (iPad, Android tablet, Fire tablet) will not work.  You can find information about our minimum technology requirements here: link.  You will also need a webcam and microphone to facilitate proctoring of the final. You will not be able to take the final without a webcam and microphone. 

ACTION ITEM (INSTALL REQUIRED BROWSER):  While MTDA’s program works with a variety of browsers, you will need the Chrome browser to be able to take the final exam using remote proctoring.  Chrome is available for download here: link.

ACTION ITEM (INSTALL REQUIRED CHROME EXTENSION):  You will need a Chrome extension, Proctorio, to facilitate the remote proctoring.  You can install that extension here: link.

The MTDA support team in Missoula ( is available to assist.  You should also check in with your local support at your local school to determine if there are additional supports available to you during this time.