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Spring 2018 High School Original Credit Briefing

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Spring 2018 High School Original Credit Briefing
Counselors, Administrators and Site Facilitators

Notice to students and parents: This information is intended for distribution through districts and may contain details that do not apply to your local district’s program.  If you are interested in enrolling in courses with Montana Digital Academy, your first contact should be with the counseling department or administration of your local school to discuss what is available locally.

On November 13, 2017, we will open student enrollment for the Spring 2018 semester classes. We realize that this has been a rather confusing year with all of the budget uncertainty. How that will be resolved remains to be seen, as the legislature heads into a special session. MTDA remains a candidate for an additional cut, per the budget rules passed by the 2017 Legislature.

Come in, We're Open for enrollment!

What we want to convey to all of the schools and students we serve is that in spite of the budget challenges we have been able to efficiently manage MTDA resources so that we are in a position to meet the needs of your students this spring. We continue to ask you to assist us in making the best use of MTDA resources by thoughtfully and deliberately enrolling students that you feel will be successful in online classes. While there still is uncertainty in what the near and/or long-term future will bring, with respect to budget cuts and funding levels, we do know that we will be able to manage the 2018 spring term to allow us to fulfill your enrollment needs.


  • Please review our student registration page for information on data collection, entrance counseling and student registration in the site facilitator handbook.  That resource is located here: LINK.
  • Registration for Spring 2018 courses is open now.  Please prioritize getting in known enrollments as soon as you in November and December.  MTDA can no longer offer a “guaranteed enrollment deadline,” and will limit enrollment in some electives and potentially all enrollments if we reach the limitation of our resources (see message above).  Our enrollment request deadline is January 16, 2018.  MTDA will create sections on that day for assignment and setup for teachers.  We may or may not have additional slots open in any particular course after this day.  For any class with open slots, the final enrollment deadline is January 26, 2018.  If you choose to enroll a student on or after the course start date on January 22, 2018, we ask that you take an active role in helping that student get in the course and caught up to pace.  Students that are enrolled after the course start have a low success rate.
  • Please use the enrollment counseling forms when enrolling students and give a copy of the form to the student after enrollment.  This form helps decrease confusion on behalf of the student and their parents and opens up communication lines.  Our enrollment counseling page is here: LINK.
  • If you enrolled a student in an A semester of a full-year course in the fall, you must enroll those students in the B semester to continue.  The student will NOT be rolled over.
  • Many year-long classes do not qualify for mid-year enrollment without consultation with MTDA.  Please contact support about mid-year entry.

Program Information

  • Our course list for 2017-2018 is here: LINK.
  • Our 2017-2018 Academic Calendar is located here: LINK.
  • Our 2017-2018 course catalog is located here: LINK.
  • Important program changes (please check back here for an up-to-date list):
    • Courses with Enrollment Caps for 2017-2018:
      • German I
      • German II
      • Latin I
      • Latin II



If you have any questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact the help desk,, or, contact our office via phone, 406-203-1812.  We want to help you implement this in your school!