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Online Readiness and Entrance Counseling Information

Are you ready sign?In conjunction with counselors and site facilitators at partner school districts, Montana Digital Academy has developed a couple of tools to help local sites determine student readiness and counsel students on what they can expect as online learners.

Online Readiness Matrix

MTDA’s Online Readiness Matrix is a tool for helping local sites determine the level of support that an individual student might need to be successful in an online course. This tool is completely optional but can help a site facilitator or enrollment official determine what support a student might need to be successful.

You can download the form here: link.  The form is a PDF document, ready for printing.

Entrance Counseling Forms

MTDA has developed an “Entrance Counseling Form” for use with students, both new and returning, that are enrolling in MTDA courses.  This form utilizes a series of questions to be discussed with the student to help them understand what is expected of them as an online student.  The form is intended to be printed out and given to the student to provide information on program start dates and information about logging in, usernames, and passwords.

A quotation from one of our experienced facilitators… “I can’t believe how much easier the conversation is when I use the entrance counseling form!”

Download Entrance Counseling Forms

Original Credit/Dual Credit/Middle School

High School Credit Recovery

Montana Digital Academy no longer releases an entrance counseling form for our credit recovery program due to the significant differences in how schools utilize credit recovery across the state.  If you are interested in working with MTDA to develop a custom entrance counseling form for your credit recovery program, please contact Jason at the MTDA offices in Missoula and we’d be happy to help.


We developed this tool to help local sites appropriately counsel students that are considering online learning.  Our thanks to site facilitators for sharing back their best practices.  Their insights helped guide this form.  We’d love your feedback, please contact our support desk, support@montanadigitalacademy.org.

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