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Online Learning Resources for Schools

As districts work to ramp-up online learning initiatives in Montana, MTDA wanted to provide some resources for districts to help frame discussions and review best practices.

School Closure Learning Continuity Readiness Rubric

Distance Learning Progression

Accessible Version of Distance Learning Progression

Very Good Online Teaching Framework (VGOT)

The MTDA VGOT Framework is a series of expectations, best practices, and other recommendations for online teachers to create responsive, flexible and student-driven online courses. 

Video Training on the VGOT Framework

The following links are to the MTDA VGOT training. These provide additional context to the written framework. This training was designed for MTDA teachers so there are specific references to the way we deliver instruction in a supplemental role, but much of the content applies broadly to online teaching. Please ignore the references at the end of each video to the passcode to unlock the next section. We have removed all passcodes in this format to provide all Montana teachers this resource.



VGOT Overview Part 1

VGOT Overview Part 2


Your video presence in the course

Weekly Announcements and Email Responsiveness

Online Discussions Part 1

Online Discussions Part 2

Online Discussions Part 3

Presence Research List




Communication Ladder

Course Design:

Basic Accessibility



Feedback Research List