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MTDA Credit Recovery Program Information

Consultation Available

MTDA’s credit recovery program is built around a partnership between MTDA and local public schools.  Due to the requirements of local support personnel, we believe that the program benefits from implementation in consultation with MTDA staff in Missoula.  After reviewing this information, please contact MTDA staff to set up a call to discuss setup and deployment.  We are eager to help you successfully implement this vital program!

Program Basics

MTDA designed this credit recovery format around the unique learner that has previously failed a course in the face-to-face environment.  The program strives to maintain a careful balance between course rigor to justify awarding of credit and student-centered pedagogy to provide appropriate support.

Each course in the catalog features:

  • Mastery learning-inspired format: Students are allowed multiple attempts at assessments and assignments so that they can focus on learning at their own pace.
  • Tutoring services: In addition to the MTDA teacher and local resources, each course features a live, 24-7 tutor service that can assist with content questions.
  • Module test-out features: Students that bring content knowledge to the course can test out of modules so that they can focus only on the content they need to recover.
  • Rolling enrollment: Students must finish in the semester in which they enroll, however, enrollments are open throughout our three terms (fall, spring, and summer).

As with all MTDA programs, our teacher force is comprised of Montana public school teachers that work with MTDA in addition to their local responsibilities.  Our teachers are experienced classroom teachers, teachers of the year, curriculum experts, activity sponsors, sports coaches, and statewide instructional leaders.

For school year-specific information please review the Briefing Page for Credit Recovery under the School Tab.

Local Management and Support

Based on our history of enrollment, students who are attempt participation without local support are highly unlikely to complete a credit recovery course.  MTDA Connect Credit Recovery directly incorporates the role of local support as a necessary component of student enrollment. Although each successful program is different, the program setup that brings the most success is typically:


Site Administration

(Provided by Local Site)

Local Support

(Provided by Local Site)

Credit Recovery Teacher

(Provided by MTDA)

  • Enroll students in Credit Recovery Courses
  • Create Accounts in GeniusSIS for Local Support within district
  • Student Progress Tracking
  • Facilitate communication between MTDA and local site
  • Submit support tickets to MTDA help desk
  • Provide Information to parents about grades or local transcripts
  • Serve as program “eyes and ears” for MTDA coach
  • Work within GeniusSIS system
  • Submit Drop Requests
  • “Boots on the ground” for credit recovery student
  • Proctor all Pre-Assessments Lesson Quizzes, Post-Assessments, and Course Final Exam
  • Provide direct assistance to credit recovery student
  • Help student find additional resources (tutoring, content support, etc.) for success if necessary
  • Provide email address for automated student tracking notifications
  • Use GeniusSIS for Proctor password management
  • All grading completed in 1 business day
  • Support of students virtually
  • Student Progress Tracking
  • Facilitate communication between MTDA and local site
  • Submit support tickets to MTDA help desk
  • Process students who have completed a course in 1 business day
  • Utilize the communication ladder protocol for 1 week, 2 week, 3 week inactive students and slow-paced students

Orientation Opportunities for Local Site

To assist in local site preparation, MTDA has created two self-paced orientation courses to help Site Facilitators and Local Support understand their role and expectations in this program. We have partnered with OPI’s online learning network, The Learning Hub, to provide this training as well as the opportunity to receive renewal credit.

To get started, navigate to the OPI learning hub website, then choose either the Site Facilitator or Local Support Orientation.  Clicking on the course link will bring you to the login page. If you are new to the Learning Hub, create a new account as shown here.

If you are a returning user to the hub, you can login with your existing username and password.