Public Health

Public Health

Public Health is a new course for Fall 2021.  Our lead teacher and staff are currently working on rolling out updated materials related to the course.  If you have any questions about specifics in the meantime, please contact the support desk and we are happy to assist!

Course Length:

One Semester

Course Description: 

What is public health? Who decides which diseases get funding and which do not? What are the reasons for health inequality? Study both infectious and non-communicable diseases as well as learn how we conquer these on a community and global level through various methods, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. Explore the role of worldwide current and future technologies and the ethics and governance of health on a global scale, and discover unique career opportunities you can pursue to make a difference.


Public Health is designed as an elective for students interested in Health Science. Students should successfully complete Health Occupations or the equivalent before enrollment.

Comprehensive Syllabus: Public Health Syllabus

Required Materials:

All required materials are provided in the course.

Specific Technical/Software Requirements in Addition to General Requirements:

Please review the general original credit software requirements at

This course requires students to have access to desktop development platforms.  ChromeOS/Chromebooks are not compatible with this course.

Course Availability (subject to resource and teacher availability):

Fall: A semester available
Spring: B semester available

Lead Teacher:

Constance K. Haan, MD, MS, MA, Billings Career Center,




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The University of Montana
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