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Attention High School Original Credit Students: Proctored Finals

Attention all Fall 2013 high school original credit students:

MTDA final exams are scheduled for the week of January 13th.  All final exams must be taken by 5pm on Friday, January 17th.

Many MTDA classes required that you have your final exam in your MTDA class proctored by an adult proctored named by your local school.  Your MTDA teacher should have informed you if you needed a proctored final, however, if you don’t know if you need one or now, please see our list of classes that require a proctor by clicking here: link.

Each local school handles the proctoring requirement differently.  You should contact your local site facilitator as soon as possible to arrange for a time and place to take the exam.  It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you have set up proctoring to take your exam on time!