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Fall 2019 Finals Proctoring Information

Put this on your calendar.

MTDA Fall 2019 finals are scheduled for January 13-15, 2020. It is now time to start planning for the finals week.

MTDA finals may be different than your local finals, so, it is crucial that you plan now around this important event.

Not all classes have finals, so, you need to be sure you are confident what is expected of you that week. Some classes have finals that require proctoring by a local site facilitator, some have finals that are not proctored, and some courses have no final at all.

Please locate your class(es): Exam Proctor Information If your course has a YES in the proctored final column, you will need to take your exam in the presence of a local proctor. That person will have the password for your exam and any other important exam instructions.

Arranging for a proctor and time to take your exam is your responsibility. The exam time arranged by you and your proctor must take place on January 13th, 14th, or 15th. Your proctor can be a school administrator, counselor, site facilitator, or other school personnel. It may not be a parent or another student. Start this process now, as it is not something you want to leave until the last minute! Make sure you know far ahead of time who your proctor will be and the best date/time to take your exam.

If your course has a NO in the proctored final column, you may still have a semester exam for your course, but a proctor is not required. See your course page and instructor for more information and announcements.

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