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01-07-2019: Attention MTDA Pre-Calculus Students

Attention all students enrolled in Pre-Calculus A, a dual credit course from Montana Digital Academy with credit available from Missoula College:
We are working through the process this week for Pre-Calculus students to apply for college credit offered in this course through our valued partner, Missoula College of the University of Montana.  The dual credit process is between the local school and Missoula College, but, we do help facilitate by initiating this process between you and Montana Digital Academy.  College credit is available to students that take both semesters of the MTDA Pre-Calculus course, fall and spring.
Some paperwork from students and their parents, plus participating schools, will be required.
By THIS Friday, January 11, 2019, students should email Nora Sutherland, MTDA Administrative Associate,, to let her know you are interested in taking this course for the college credit.  From there, we will connect with you to discuss next steps!
After this Friday, the dual credit option will no longer be available, so, please be sure to contact us immediately.