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08/29/2017: Enrollment Update

High School Original Credit

The Fall 2017 course request deadline is Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 5pm. After that time, MTDA will section off courses and assign final teachers. Some courses may not be available for enrollment after that time once the course cap is reached.

A reminder per our announcement from this past spring: For the first time this fall, some MTDA original credit courses have firm course caps that may be reached before our course request deadline. Once that cap is reached, we are closed to enrollment under any circumstance. Please do your best to enroll students ASAP to maximize access.

Once we hit enrollment caps, that course will no longer be available in GeniusSIS. We don’t have a means of keeping a wait list, however, we will process any drop we receive at 9:59am each week day so that you can check for open slots at 10:00am each morning, first come, first served.

You can see an always-updated list of available courses by clicking here.

Middle School Multi-Language Sampler

MLS Session 1 was full as of August 23. This means we are unable to take additional enrollments under any circumstances. If you have enrollments that you would otherwise have made in session 1, we ask that you contact support,, so that we may note the need as we build a case for increased funding at the next legislative session.

We don’t have a means of keeping a wait list, however, any drops we get for any course will be processed at 9:59 am each week day. That will release any open slots, first come, first served.

Session 2 is filling quickly, but, slots are currently available in all four languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, German, and French.