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SY 2024-2025 High School FlexCAP Briefing

MTDA Announcement

School Year 2024-2025 High School FlexCAP Briefing
Counselors, Administrators and Site Facilitators

Updated 02/02/2024

Notice to students and parents: This information is intended for distribution to public school districts and may contain details that do not apply to your local district’s program.  If you are interested in utilizing FlexCAP (Flexible Credit Alternative Program) courses with Montana Digital Academy, your first contact should be to the counseling department and/or school administration of your local public school to discuss what is available locally.  FlexCAP courses are not available to students independent of a school-based program.

Cost-Sharing Statement

On June 14, 2021, the MTDA Governing Board exercised its authority granted by MCA 20-7-1202 to begin cost-sharing with districts. This applies to the MTDA FlexCAP program. Before enrolling any student for the upcoming term, please review our information page regarding payment: link.

  • A PO number will be requested upon enrollment for billing.

Important Notes

MTDA 24-25 FlexCAP program open enrollment begins March 18th, 2024.

  • New to FlexCAP? Check out the program page to learn more.
  • Moving forward MTDA will run a continual FlexCAP program through the school year that includes schools that run summer FlexCAP programs.
    • If you intend to run a summer FlexCAP program please review the summer information carefully.
    • Students 11-week access period begins upon enrollment. Please wait to enroll until the student is ready to start their course.
  • MTDA is transitioning to the Canvas Learning Management System. We are very excited about this change as it will provide many innovative features for student learning. All 24-25 FlexCAP enrollments will be in the Canvas LMS. There are some important considerations:
    • Students who were enrolled previously but did not complete will need to start over in the new system. Students will continue to have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content at the beginning of each unit. If mastery of 80% or better is achieved in the mastery check, the student will move on to the next unit.
    • Moving forward, students who enroll after 3/18/2024 and do not finish in their 11-week access period, can re-enroll and pick up where they left off.
  • MTDA is releasing new English I, II, III, and IV courses this summer.
    • Enrollment into these new courses will not be available until 6/3/2024 to allow the MTDA staff time to finalize these new courses.
    • If you have a senior who requires access to an English FlexCAP course between 3/18/2024 and 6/3/2024 please reach out to MTDA directly at to discuss options.
  • The FlexCAP program is open to any student regardless if they have previously failed or not.
  • The MTDA FlexCAP Courses have not been approved by the NCAA. If the student requires an NCAA-approved course, all MTDA Original Program courses have all been approved.
  • Moving forward during the student enrollment process, you will be asked if “Will Summer FlexCAP be available at your school?”
    • This question is asked to help determine the correct end date for the student enrollment
    • If you answer no, the summer session timeframe will not be counted towards the student’s 11-week end date
    • Please refer to the MTDA Calendar for specific dates around the summer session

Best Practices for schools running a summer FlexCAP program.

  • SUMMER SURVEY REQUIRED FOR SUMMER PROGRAM: Before Friday, May 17, 2024, PLEASE be sure to fill out our program survey if you are delivering the FlexCAP program in your local school this summer.  This will assist us in planning and also allow MTDA to direct summer inquiries from our teaching and support staff to the appropriate person during the summer.  That survey is here:

Summer 2024 FlexCAP Survey

  • During the summer session, teaching grading services are available from 8 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday from 6/10/24 to 7/26/24
  • Summer does not lessen the requirement for local school support.  All assessments MUST be locally proctored to qualify for the delivery of credit, with no exceptions.  If a student can not be present on your campus, they do not qualify for FlexCAP services.

Program Details

Are you new to the MTDA FlexCAP program or have you not utilized the program in more than a year?  Please contact our support desk to schedule a call to talk about the format and the requirements for support for local schools. As well as reviewing the program information on our website.

  • MTDA FlexCAP program continues to be a school-based program where a dedicated local school official is responsible for the proctoring of all assessments in the program. MTDA FlexCAP program is not a home or remote-based program.



  • All students new to the MTDA FlexCAP program must complete the mandatory Orientation program.  The short course is called “FlexCAP Orientation” in GeniusSIS and must receive a “pass” to be able to enroll in content-specific courses.  Once a student takes and completes the orientation, they do not need to complete it again.  However, some facilitators do ask students to retake the orientation if they were not previously successful in the MTDA FlexCAP format. There is no cost-share associated with the orientation.
  • The orientation program is approximately 2-3 hours of engagement time, dependent on student skill, reading level, and motivation.  Students who do not complete the orientation course in a reasonable amount of time should be considered high-need enrollments and provided additional direct support locally.
  • The FlexCAP Orientation is located under the “short course” term.  There is no cost-share for any short courses.  Please see important details on the Short Course description page.
  • The MTDA FlexCAP Courses have not been approved by the NCAA due to the flexible nature of the courses. If students need an NCAA-approved course, all MTDA’s Original Program courses have been approved.


  • Please review our Site Facilitator handbook for information on data collection, entrance counseling, and student registration.  That page is here: link.

Program Information

  • Our FlexCAP course list for 2024-2025 is here: LINK.

Online Training Available to Facilitators and Local Support Staff

MTDA has created self-paced orientation workshops to help local staff understand their role and expectations in the FlexCAP program. We have partnered with OPI’s online learning network, The Learning Hub, to provide this training as well as the opportunity to receive renewal credit. To get started, navigate to the website HERE.  Choose “MTDA FlexCAP Orientation: Local Support”

An enrollment key is required for the following courses:

Site Facilitator course: mtdasite
Local Support course: mtdalocal


If you have any questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact the help desk,, or, contact our office via phone, 406-203-1812.  We want to help you implement a successful MTDA FlexCAP program in your school.