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03/19/2019: Issue with MTDA Content Website

UPDATE: 3:15pm

MTDA staff believes this issue has been resolved.  Please contact support if you run into any other issues.  Thank you!

The Issue

MTDA is getting reports that a core MTDA system, the MTDA Learning Object Repository, is reporting as a “deceptive site” on some web browsers.  On the Chrome browser, the window looks like this:

Browser Window Showing Red Warnings

As this website doesn’t collect information or have any secure data, we believe this report to be erroneous and inaccurate.   The source of the report, the Google “Safe Browsing” platform, reports that the specific MTDA website,, has “no unsafe content found.”


MTDA staff is working to resolve the issue.  In the meantime, the warning page allows users to bypass the working to access the content.  Below are instructions for specific browsers.

Google Chrome

On the Chrome browser:

  1. Click on “details:”
    Click on details
  2. Then, click on “visit this unsafe site.”
    Click on "visit this unsafe site"


On the Firefox browser:

  1. Click on “See details.”
    Click on "See details."

Then, click on “ignore this risk.”
Click on "ignore this risk."