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Geometry A & B

Course Length:

Two one-semester courses (students must independently register for each semester)

Course Description:

Geometry is the study of geometric concepts using Algebra 1 math. Technology [graphing calculators and software programs] is used to explore and demonstrate geometric concepts when appropriate. Visualization skills and modeling are used for plane and three-dimensional objects. Major topics include basic geometric concepts, reasoning and proofs, similarity, right triangles and trigonometry, angles and parallel lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, congruency in terms of rigid motions and similarity transformations, area, surface area, and volume.  Embedded in this course are the 8 mathematical principles as outlined in the Montana Common Core document.


Students must have Algebra One skills as well as General Math through the 8th grade.

Comprehensive Syllabus:  

Geometry Public Syllabus link

Required Materials:

Students must have access to the following supplies: scientific calculator, proof resources, protractor, compass, tape measure for some project type assignments, index cards, various supplies for projects, access to a camera for some activities, graph paper [optional].

Specific Technical/Software Requirements in Addition to General Requirements:

Please review the general original credit software requirements at

This specific course requires that students must have access to Geogebra, which is a free download. Instructions are available in the course. An offline installer is also available. To download students need to go to

Course Availability (subject to resource and teacher availability):

Fall: A semester available
Spring: B semester available

Lead Teacher:

Lynne Rider, Kalispell Middle School,