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  • Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences

    Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences


The Montana Digital Academy and the University of Montana have established a unique, one of a kind partnership, among the 29 statewide online schools across the United States. MTDA is the only state online program that is a part of a College of Education at a major research university. The Montana legislature created MTDA in 2009 in Statute 20-7-1201 and located it at the University of Montana.

What is Montana Digital Academy (MTDA)?

MTDA is specifically designed to provide unique online educational opportunities to Montana students and schools. MTDA puts no limits on learning. Students can access coursework whenever and where ever they want, elimination course conflicts while helping many students to graduate on time. Our school year is uninterrupted, running through fall, winter, spring and summer. We have the flexibility to accommodate home-schooled children as well, as long as they register for MTDA courses at their public school.

In short, we’re breaking down the barriers to make learning as easy as possible.