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Ava Arrowsmith of Laurel High School

Ava Arrowsmith of Laurel HS Student Spotlight

Ava Arrowsmith
Laurel High School, Class of 2023

Ava Arrowsmith discovered MTDA as a freshman at Laurel High School, when the Spanish class she wanted to take didn’t fit into the rest of her schedule. She was able to take it online through MTDA and discovered she liked it. “I like working on my own and at my own pace.

When things are all due at the end of the week it’s easier for me,” said Arrowsmith. Ava’s experience isn’t unique at Laurel High School, where they have a significant number of students taking a wide range of courses through MTDA during any period of the day. “We designed it this way for more flexibility. We offer MTDA courses for our students to discover,” shared Brent Edgemond, Arrowsmith’s guidance counselor at Laurel High School.

Ava has discovered. She took criminology and mythology her junior year, neither course is offered in person at Laurel. This year, her senior year with eyes on a future business degree, she is taking AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. “MTDA has given me the opportunity to introduce myself to courses that Laurel doesn’t offer, and be more competitive with students at AA or AAA schools for college,” stated Arrowsmith.

“Ava is a spotlight kid,” said Edgemond. Not only does she carry a 4.365 GPA, with all high A’s in her MTDA courses, she is involved in pep band, drama (managing the sound for school plays and musicals), speech, debate, and honor society. As an accomplished oboeist, Ava received the Arts Without Boundaries Standout Student Award last fall.

For all of her accomplishments, her advice to future MTDA students is simple and straightforward, “you need to put yourself out there and ask your teacher the questions when you need to. The teachers are on top of it, but they just aren’t right there in the moment like they would be in person so you have to be patient.” Ava found the website easy to navigate and the services, including tutoring, to be very helpful. 

Ava is graduating with the class of 2023 and will be heading off to MSU-Bozeman in the fall to study business. She is interested in HR, where she can help people, be a problem-solver, and help improve team performance. Edgemond is confident in Ava’s future success, his advice to her, “Keep on keeping on, you’re on the road and you know how to drive.”