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Bryce Kammerzell of CJI High School

Bryce Kammerzell

Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School (CJI)
Class of 2022
Attending Stanford University


By his sophomore year at CJI, Bryce Kammerzell knew he was going to have to take language courses that his small school didn’t offer if he was going to apply to out-of-state schools for college. He signed up for Spanish I through MTDA that fall to meet that requirement, but also as “a test to see if MTDA was for me.” 

Over the next three years, he enrolled and completed 13 more MTDA classes. “I loved the freedom it gives a student. You get a week’s worth of assignments on Monday, all due Sunday night at midnight. It’s up to you to decide when and how you want to do it,” Kammerzell explained. He feels like it made his life easier, and he feels better prepared for college.

He describes himself as a hardworking, independent student. His teachers describe him similarly– “hardworking,” “motivated,” “focused,” and “responsible.”

And while Bryce admits that self-pacing might not be for everyone, he does want to dispel the myths that online classes are harder and lack a personal connection. While MTDA courses are asynchronous and you do have to manage your time and initiate contact with the teacher outside of school, the classes were not any more difficult, and he found the teachers to be very responsive. “They expect you to be in touch.”

“MTDA opened up a lot of doors for me. I could take classes that really interested me,” said Kammerzell.

In the fall of his junior year, Bryce took his first computer science course through MTDA, AP Computer Science I. He was hooked, and continued to explore his new interest through more MTDA courses, Web Design and Dual Credit Computer Science I. Bryce now attends Stanford University where he plans to major in computer science.Without MTDA I wouldn’t have discovered computer science.”

Way to go Bryce! All of CJI and MTDA are rooting for you.