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Summer 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing

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Summer 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing
Counselors, Administrators and Site Facilitators

Summer 2015 High School Credit Recovery program details are listed below:

(Looking for original credit information? Please look here.)


  • Enrollment opens: April 2015 (please enroll students no earlier than a week before they intend to start the program)
  • Deadline for Summer Enrollment: June 26, 2015
  • Last day for Summer 2015: August 7, 2015 OR THE LAST DAY OF LOCAL SUPPORT.  This is a hard out date; no extended semester is available under any circumstances.

Special Summer Program Information

PLEASE NOTE: All schools anticipating use of the MTDA Connect Credit Recovery program this summer should fill out THIS form as soon as details of their program are known.  We ask that schools finish this form by May 1st, 2015.

MTDA’s Connect Credit Recovery model is not built to directly serve students and requires that districts build a support system and infrastructure around students to help guide students to success.  This is especially true in delivery of a summer program.

Based on internal research and data, summer programs are must successful when:

  1. Students are given direct summer support by professional staff throughout the summer.
  2. Students are given access to local technology resources.
  3. Students are compelled to spend a minimum time commitment each day or week in order to make progress in lessons.
  4. Students are monitoring by professional staff to help gage progress and engage the learner for success.

Our staff is available to discuss best practices and program setup.  Please contact support, support@montanadigitalacademy.org, to schedule an appointment to discuss!

Course Availability

  • Algebra 1A CR
  • Algebra 1B CR
  • Algebra 2A CR
  • Algebra 2B CR
  • American History A CR
  • American History B CR
  • Art History & Appreciation CR
  • Biology A CR
  • Biology B CR
  • Chemistry A CR
  • Chemistry B CR
  • Consumer Math CR
  • Earth Science A CR
  • Earth Science B CR
  • Economics A CR
  • Economics B CR
  • English 10A CR
  • English 10B CR
  • English 11A CR
  • English 11B CR
  • English 12A CR
  • English 12B CR
  • English 9A CR
  • English 9B CR
  • Geometry A CR
  • Geometry B CR
  • Health CR
  • Physics A CR
  • Physics B CR
  • Pre-Algebra A CR
  • Pre-Algebra B CR
  • US Government A CR
  • US Government B CR
  • World Geography A CR
  • World Geography B CR
  • World History A CR
  • World History B CR

Program Notes

  • As has been policy since Fall 2013, past credit will not be applied to any student enrollment from past semesters.

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