Summer 2014 Credit Recovery

Montana Digital Academy is pleased to offer its MTDA Connect Credit Recovery program to students through their local school for Summer 2014.  The program will adopt the same program standards and course titles as the 2013-2014 school year.

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Information for Students and Parents

Please contact your local school to discuss enrollment in our summer credit recovery program.  MTDA Connect Credit Recovery courses are not available directly to students and require a local infrastructure for monitoring students and proctoring unit and final exams.  In addition, the local summer calendar will determine the availability of the courses.  Students must be complete courses before the end of the local summer program.

Information for Schools

Please Contact MTDA

For Summer 2014, usage of the MTDA Connect Connect requires scheduling a consultation with MTDA staff.  Please contact Jason Neiffer, or 406-203-1812 x102 to discuss your summer program setup.  Please have the following information on hand:

  1. School Name
  2. Summer Facilitator Name, Email Address, Contact Phone Number (are new accounts required?)
  3. Additional Summer Facilitator Names, Email Addresses, Contact Phone Numbers (are new accounts required?)
  4. Summer Start and End Date
  5. Face-to-face Support Schedule (days/times)
  6. Approximate Number of Anticipated Enrollments

We will also work with you to create the appropriate materials to help inform students and parents of the format of your summer program.

Available Courses

Our entire MTDA Connect catalog will be available this summer:

Algebra 1A & 1B
Algebra 2A & 2B
Geometry A & B
Consumer Mathematics
Pre-Algebra A & B

Biology A & B
Earth and Space Science A & B
Chemistry A & B
Physics A & B

English 9A & 9B
English 10A & 10B
English 11A & 11B
English 12A & 12B

Social Studies:
American Government A & B
Economics A & B
US History A & B
World Geography A & B
World History A & B

Art History & Appreciation


Due to the requirement of local support and proctoring, it is up to the school to communicate to students and parents the end date of  summer program.

You can download a copy of the summer calendar here.

Highlight dates:

  • Summer program open for registration: April 2014
  • Last day for enrollment in a summer connect course: June 27, 2014
  • July 3-4: MTDA closed; no teacher services available.
  • August 15: Last day for all students to receive academic coaching services.

Additional Program Details

  • Enrollment Dates: Although enrollment is open now, please note: 1)  Students in enrolled in the summer semester are expected to participate in the summer. Do not enroll spring students in the summer program if they need the class before the end of the school year.   Please put in a support ticket to discuss exceptions, support(at)  2)  Do not enroll students until they are ready to start in the program.  Students will be expected to start work immediately upon enrollment and risk being dropped if they do not start participating.
  • Course limits: MTDA will continue to enforce its one-enrollment-per-student limit for summer courses.  Students are able to enroll in additional courses upon course completion.  If you have a case you believe justifies an exception, please contact our help desk to schedule a call to discuss the situation, support(at)
  • Semester Completion: All courses must be completed by either 1) the last day of local proctoring service availability or 2) August 15th, whichever is first.  There will be no extensions available or application of past credit in the fall.
  • Engagement Time: The average student should expect to be engaged in the class for roughly 60 hours in the summer time and schools should be sure to consider this before enrolling students.  Students that have significant challenges in a particular academic area will likely take more time.
  • Offline Assignments:  All offline assignments listed in the individual course syllabus documents are required for completion in the course.  Students that complete only post-tests will not be recommended for credit in the course.


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