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Fall 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing

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Fall 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing
Counselors, Administrators and Site Facilitators

A notice to students and parents: This information is intended for distribution through districts and may contain details that do not apply to your local district’s program.  If you are interested in enrolling in credit recovery courses with Montana Digital Academy, your first contact should be to the counseling department or administration of your local school to discuss what is available locally.

Montana Digital Academy is pleased to announce details about its Fall 2015 program for high school credit recovery.

Note: This information is accurate at the time of publication.  We will keep this page up to date with changes and announcements as necessary.

Announcing MTDA’s Enhanced Credit Recovery Program

MTDA is pleased to announced the availability of our enhanced credit recovery program this fall.  Two years in discussions, planning and design, our enhanced credit recovery program is the result of research and study of our most successful credit recovery programs in Montana, successful models among our partners in the Virtual School Leadership Alliance and an analysis of past students, successful and unsuccessful alike, in our program’s history.

Webinar Archive

Did you miss our Digital Blasts the weeks of August 17 and August 24th?  We strongly recommend you view an archive of that presentation in our CR resource folder, http://mtda.link/crresources.

Philosophy: Partnership for Student Success

MTDA Credit Recovery ModelAs you can see by the graphic on the right, the enhanced MTDA Connect Credit Recovery is very similar to the program that has existed the past four years. Formalizing the Local Support role is the major enhancement to the program moving forward. The Local Support person is identified as the adult working directly with the credit recovery student. This may be the same person that you have identified as your site facilitator in the past or this may be someone that has helped out in a lab with students but did not have a formally identified role. We know that many districts have had a teacher, counselor, or paraprofessional working in lab environments with credit recovery students. In the new program, we will ask that the local support person is identified so we can provide clear communication as to how the student is progressing through the MTDA Connect Credit Recovery program. MTDA will continue to rely on Site Facilitators for enrollment and local oversight of the partnership between the local district and MTDA.

Roles Explained

Local Support

As stated above the Local Support role is now a formalized role in the enhanced credit recovery program. Every local site that partners with the Montana Digital Academy will need to identify at least one adult as your local support. The identified individual(s) will be expected to:

  • Provide email address to local site facilitator to be informed of student progress and suggested support through our tracking notification system
  • Daily contact with students to assist in remediation activities
  • Help student find additional resources (tutoring, content support, etc.) for success if necessary
  • Proctor all Pre-Assessments Lesson Quizzes, Post-Assessments, and Course Final Exam
  • “Boots on the ground” for credit recovery student
  • Submit support tickets to MTDA help desk

Site Facilitator

The Site Facilitator role continues to handle administrative type duties associated with the program. Every local site that partners with the Montana Digital Academy will need to identify at least one adult as your Site Facilitator. You may elect to have one person represent both the Site Facilitator and Local Support, but we identify these positions as separate and ideally different adults. The identified individual(s) will be expected to:

  • Create accounts for Students, Local Support, and additional Site Facilitators at your local district
  • Enroll students in Credit Recovery Courses
  • Work within GeniusSIS system
  • Facilitate communication between MTDA and local site
  • Serve as program “eyes and ears” for MTDA coach
  • Provide Information to parents about grades or local transcripts
  • Submit support tickets to MTDA help desk

MTDA Coach

The MTDA coach is a certified Montana Teacher who provides grading for student assignments and virtual support for the Student, Site Facilitator, and Local Support. The MTDA coach will provide:

  • Grading of all Mastery Assignments within one business day
  • Student progress tracking
  • Facilitate communication between MTDA and local site
  • Process students who have completed a MTDA Credit Recovery course in 1 business day
  • Monitor and intervene with inactive or slow-paced students
  • Submit support tickets to MTDA help desk


Program Details


  • All students, including those that have enrolled in a past MTDA, must complete the mandatory Orientation program.  The program is called “Credit Recovery Orientation” in GeniusSIS and must receive a “pass” to be able to enroll in content specific programs.  The orientation opens on August 27th.
  • The orientation program is approximately 2-3 hours of engagement time, dependent on student skill, reading level and motivation.


  • Please review our student registration page in the Site Facilitator handbook for information on data collection, entrance counseling and student registration for Fall.  That page is here: link.
  • Registration for the Fall 2015 credit recovery semester opens on August 27th (orientation) and August 31st (content courses).  As a reminder, all students should be enrolled first in the orientation program, even if they have previously taken an MTDA Connect credit recovery course.

Program Information:

  • Our course list for 2015-2016 is here: link.

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