Credit Recovery

MTDA Credit Recovery Courses are designed for students who have previously failed a course. Access to this program is determind through your local public school. All MTDA credit recovery courses are designed around the philosophy of creating a clear linear pathway for student progress while maintaining the state standards required of all high school courses in Montana. The key to students being successful in this format is daily forward momentum. This is accomplished by the partnership of the MTDA Teacher, the Local Support at the local public school, and the administration at both MTDA and your local school.

When a local school decides to utilize MTDA Credit Recovery Courses they agree to the following:

  • to only enroll students who have previously failed a face-to-face course.
  • to record the final semester grade on the local high school transcript.
  • to record a WF or F on the local transcript for students that stay in a course if the student doesn’t complete or pass the course.
  • to record a WF or F on the local transcript for students that stay in a course either past the drop date (three weeks past the start day of the course) at MTDA OR follow the local school drop policy if the student doesn’t complete or pass the course.
  • to provide a supportive environment including, a designated local support staff member.
  • access to local curriculum resources, access to local resources for one-on-one assistance, regular monitoring and proctoring for all assessments.
  • to provide appropriate equipment and resources for students to complete the program


We are proud to share our success in helping students get back on the path to graduation. Below are statistics for our credit recovery program.

Overall Enrollment Numbers 2015 – 2019

Students that completed the course
Course Passing Rate
Successfully Regained Semester Credit

Course Enrollment Breakdown

Use the Course Name Drop down menu on the right to select the historical enrollment by course in our credit recovery program. Double click on a course to view the corresponding historical data.

“I am very thankful for this program because it helped me catch up and for that, I am able to graduate on time. ” -Government A CR Student

“I am glad that this system is available to help students recover their credits. I am amazed at the ease of use for it too. ” -English 3A CR Student

“I just want to say thank you for giving us this option to get caught up. It has tremendously helped me with my education and without this program I would not be graduating with my class next year.” – English 4B Student

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