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Spring 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing

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Spring 2015 High School Credit Recovery Briefing
Counselors, Administrators and Site Facilitators

Spring 2015 High School Credit Recovery program details are listed below:

(Looking for original credit information? Please look here.)


  • Enrollment opens: November 4th
  • Deadline for Spring Enrollment: April 1st (students enrolled before this date will be expected to complete before the end of the semester; additional Spring availability is by petition only, contact support for discussion of specific students)
  • Last day for Spring 2015: June 5th OR THE LAST DAY OF LOCAL SUPPORT.

Course Availability

  • Algebra 1A CR
  • Algebra 1B CR
  • Algebra 2A CR
  • Algebra 2B CR
  • American History A CR
  • American History B CR
  • Art History & Appreciation CR
  • Biology A CR
  • Biology B CR
  • Chemistry A CR
  • Chemistry B CR
  • Consumer Math CR
  • Earth Science A CR
  • Earth Science B CR
  • Economics A CR
  • Economics B CR
  • English 10A CR
  • English 10B CR
  • English 11A CR
  • English 11B CR
  • English 12A CR
  • English 12B CR
  • English 9A CR
  • English 9B CR
  • Geometry A CR
  • Geometry B CR
  • Health CR
  • Physics A CR
  • Physics B CR
  • Pre-Algebra A CR
  • Pre-Algebra B CR
  • US Government A CR
  • US Government B CR
  • World Geography A CR
  • World Geography B CR
  • World History A CR
  • World History B CR

Program Notes

  • As has been policy since Fall 2013, past credit will not be applied to any student enrollment from past semesters.

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