Coding for Web Design

Course Length:

One semester

Course Description:

This project-based course is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites.  Students will learn about netiquette, copyright, and how to critically evaluate website quality. Students will learn how to plan, design, and create web pages in a WYSIWYG program, HTML coding, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript.  Students will learn how to resize images, the function of pixels, image optimization, image filters, create navigation bars, and how to test and publish websites.


Students should be familiar with operating systems, web browsers, managing files and folders, downloading software and file extensions.

Comprehensive Syllabus:  

Coding for Web Design Public Syllabus

Required Materials:


Specific Technical/Software Requirements in Addition to General Requirements:

Please review the general original credit software requirements at

At least two current (most recent update) web browsers from the following list:

Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari (MAC)

Common Plugins:
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the following Text Editors:
Notepad (included in all versions of Microsoft Windows )
Notepad++ (Windows)
TextEdit (MAC) (included in all versions of MAC Computers)
TextWrangler (MAC)

Web Authoring Software:
(Note: if you have access to Adobe Dreamweaver, you can use this)

Graphic Software:
(Note: if you have access to Adobe Photoshop, you can use this)

FTP Software:
We will be using an FTP program, Cyberduck, to transfer web pages from a server to a user’s browser. You will need to download this program on your computer.
Cyberduck (FTP Program) – free and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

This course does not support Chromebooks.

Course Availability (subject to resource and teacher availability):

Fall: semester available
Spring: semester available

Lead Teacher:

Cindy Schultz, Sentinel High School,


Montana Digital Academy
Phyllis J. Washington College of Education
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive – Room 365
Missoula, Montana 59812
Phone: 406-203-1812
Fax: 406-203-1815