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Students in many MTDA original credit courses are required to take final exams in a proctored, secure exam environment.

Rationale: Per the request of both MTDA teachers and participating school district administrators and teachers, MTDA will ask local districts to create a proctored environment for class finals should that be necessary in specific MTDA courses. You can see a list of exams that require proctoring starting April 20, 2016 on this page:PUBLIC Link.

Procedures for proctored exams:

  • MTDA will offer student finals during their final exam period, scheduled for May 16-18, 2016.  The exam will generally take no longer than two hours.

  • Proctor exams must be monitored by an adult (for example, a counselor, teacher, administrator or paraprofessional) named by the local site facilitator or school.  We have created a document with “best practices” for test proctors (see below). It may not be proctored by a parent or another student.

  • The designated proctor must supervise the student for the entire duration of the final exam.

  • All proctored exams are password protected.  The passwords will be sent to the primary contact from each school, and that person should distribute passwords to the designated proctors the week of May 2, 2016.  It is the responsibility of the local site facilitator to share appropriate passwords with designated proctors. Passwords are to remain secure, and shared only with appropriate school personnel.

  • Proctored exams mean that students have access to no other materials during the exam, including notes, textbooks, translators or other course materials. Some courses ask for additional factors as noted on the digital password sheet.

  • Designated proctors must also monitor students to make sure that additional browser windows are not open and that electronic devices like cell phones, iPads, tablet PCs, etc are not being used during the exam.

  • No finals will be available before May 16, 2016, with the exception of prior arrangements made for early exiting seniors. All final exams must be completed by May 18, 2016.  There will be a makeup period for exams on May 19 & 20, 2016 for students with verifiable medical excuses only.

** Spring Tests Only: As in past semesters, some AP courses will require earlier final examinations based on the AP exam schedule for students. **


Please direct questions about proctoring to  Christen Cole, MTDA Instructional Registrar,, 406-203-1812. Thank you for your cooperation.


Finals Proctoring Information Best Practices

Please print this document for sharing with your named proctored linked HERE.

High School Credit Recovery: Transition from Spring to Summer

Attention all CR site facilitators and local support personnel: MTDA has transitioned the open credit recovery enrollment from Spring 2016 to Summer 2016.  From now on, any student you enroll will be considered a summer enrollment.

If you are enrolling a student that needs access to credit recovery just this spring and the student does not complete the requirements, please be sure to put in drop request before you leave for summer to make sure that our teacher staff isn’t attempting to engage a student that has no intention to complete the course or program.

If you have any questions about the summer credit recovery program, please see our summer briefing page!  Please direct additional questions to our support team.

Some MTDA Content Sites Down

Update: All issues have been resolved!  If you are still experiencing issues as below, please put in a support ticket ASAP!

Attention all students: MTDA is experiencing an issue with content from one of our content providers.  At this time, some/most of our content hosted with FLVS Global is throwing up an error message:


Generally speaking, impacted content will have green puzzle pieces as icons:


We have an emergency ticket in with the vendor and will update you as we hear word.
Please send any questions or concerns to the help desk.  WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

Attention Graduating Seniors in High School Original Credit Courses: Senior Exit Information

Attention seniors graduating this spring:  If you are graduating before May 18th, you will need to work out an exit plan with your MTDA teacher to ensure you have completed all course requirements before you are done for the semester.  Please contact your MTDA instructor NO LATER THAN April 22, 2016 to work out an appropriate exit plan.  This is your responsibility, so please take action right away!  Review more information on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact your teacher or the MTDA support desk.

New Credit Recovery Data Report Available

Spreadsheet Graphic

Based on feedback from facilitators since the fall start of our rebooted credit recovery program, the MTDA staff has been busy in the MTDA labs creating a report that can help facilitators determine whether or not a student is on pace to complete the course by the end of the semester.

Like any data of this nature, it does require some interpretation and may or may not reflect the reality of a specific student’s situation, but, based on early feedback from a few test schools, it appears to be a useful tool for facilitator or local support personnel!

Due to the sophistication of the processes that generate the report, it is NOT available in GeniusSIS, but, rather, in an Excel document directly from MTDA staff.

If you are interested in taking a look at a report for your program, please contact the support desk and we can share with you a current copy, along with an interpretive guide.

If the report is useful, you can either sign up to have the report email to you weekly, OR you can simply request a copy on demand from support.

Let us know if you have any questions!

March 2016 Credit Recovery Announcements

Attention all sites utilizing MTDA credit recovery:
Happy spring from MTDA!
Two announcements related to the credit recovery program:
Spring/Summer enrollment:  It was our original intention to CLOSE credit recovery enrollment on March 16th, however, we are going to be changing the way we provide coaching services for Summer 2016 based on feedback from schools.  At this point, if you have a student that you would like to enroll in a course, they will be a SPRING 2016 student until further notice.  Do not enroll students at this point with an expectation that they will be able to roll into summer.
Proctoring Requirements for Credit Recovery:  A reminder: per the site facilitator handbook, the credit recovery program requires direct school district proctoring for all assessments in the credit recovery program.  Under no circumstances should proctors be giving PINs out to directly students for taking tests outside of your secure environment.  Since the program is based off of the ability to retake exams, there is no flexibility in this requirement.  If you have questions about this requirements, please contact support and we’d be happy to schedule a call with you.
Thank you for all your work with our shared students!